We Will Continue to Manage the Chaos Demand is Creating: Ram Menen

We Will Continue to Manage the Chaos Demand is Creating: Ram Menen

The present fluid global situation coupled high demand will require dynamic solutions from the supply chain

Replying to host and moderator of the Future of Logistics conference Lars Jensen on what 2022 held in store for the transport and logistics industries Retired Aviation & Air Cargo Executive Ram Menen said the industry will continue to try and manage the chaos created by the high demand of the last couple of years.

According to Mr Menen, there is a major demand and supply synchronicity issue worldwide because borders are closed and commerce is completely out of sync with the changing situation. “We need to go back and readjust our supply chain.”

What the industry is witnessing right now is an “accelerated evolution process” thanks to digitalisation. Demand for capacity is at an all-time high. This initially triggered by the demand for PPEs and medical supplies. This pressure on capacities is continuing today with vaccine distribution and the soon-to-come Covid-19 medications.

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With passenger flights gradually returning, belly-hold space will become available. But demand will continue to be very high and will have to be met by being agile and more efficient by utilising the benefits of technology and digitalisation.

Mr Menen added that autonomous transport will begin to play a key role in the coming years due to shortages of pilots and drivers.

So in 2022, “We are going to continue to manage the chaos that high demand has created.” But the demand problem was a good one and can be best handled by dynamic solutions that can respond to continuously changing scenarios in an efficient manner.

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