The Pandemic has Redefined the Word ‘Normal’: Etihad Cargo

The Pandemic has Redefined the Word ‘Normal’: Etihad Cargo

Senior Commercial Manager at Etihad Cargo Bader Al Ali describes how the pandemic has transformed air cargo operations

Host and moderator of the Future of Logistics conference Lars Jensen began the first session of the summit by asking what 2022 held in store for the transport and logistics industries and how they were getting back to normal?

Al Ali said that the airline industry had taken a big hit during the pandemic. Etihad Cargo for its part however saw a big increase in demand which was difficult to fulfil due to belly hold cargo space in passenger planes virtually disappearing.

Al Ali did not see things going back to normal any time soon adding, “We have to re-identify the word normal after the pandemic.”

Future of Logistics Session Offers Vision of Air Cargo Best Practices

Cargo has proven to be lifeline for airlines in the last 18 months and moving forward it will play a greater role in deciding what networks to operate in and what routes to fly, according to Al Ali.

The future will require greater cooperation and coordination between the cargo and passenger sectors. This would also apply to Etihad Cargo’s strategic partnerships and the carrier’s focus would be on long-term solutions in 2022, Al Ali concluded.

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