‘Dubai Stands Ready’ - Watch Part 3 of the UAE COVID-19 Response

‘Dubai Stands Ready’ - Watch Part 3 of the UAE COVID-19 Response

Vaccine distribution poses an unprecedented challenge for global logistics

TLME has released its third major video of a trilogy outlining Dubai’s response to the global coronavirus pandemic.

Hot on the heels of the highly successful first two insights, Part 3 sees a collection of the region’s top names in logistics outline their battleplan.

The video begins with Paul Griffiths, CEO of Dubai Airports, as he articulates his pioneering thoughts on how his organisation is ready to take on a monumental task.

We also see Emirates’ Divisional Senior Vice President of Cargo, Nabil Sultan, deliver an inspiring message as he explains how ‘Dubai is ready’ and prepared to meet the huge upcoming logistical demands, before a range of big names share their future plans also.

Biggest Logistical Challenge Since WW2

We are now much closer to having a vaccine ready. However, huge barriers still remain in the form of regulations, and most importantly, how we can successfully distribute the vaccine to billions of people around the world.

The distribution of the vaccine has been described as the “biggest logistical challenge since World War II” and is particularly difficult because any potential vaccine must be transported and stored at very specific sub-zero temperatures.

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Because of the sheer volumes of the roll-out, present supply chains are simply not equipped for cold-chain delivery at such a vast scale.

This means that individuals, companies and regional governments have to retrofit, re-plan and re-strategize their equipment, business models and data-sharing policies.

The video features insights from representatives of Maersk, Emirates, Dubai Airports, DHL, Hellmann Worldwide Logistics and Mercedes-Benz Trucks as they explain how they are preparing the Middle East region for a safe, orderly and efficient distribution of the vaccine.

TLME CEO Sam Khan said: “I’m delighted to get Part 3 out in the public sphere after the success of Parts 1 and 2.

"Parts 1 and 2 celebrated the heroes who made great sacrifices and efforts in the months following the outbreak of the pandemic – now it’s our chance to show the Middle East region and the world the power of the logistics sector, how important it is and how dedicated we are to building a better future for all.

"I can honestly say this video is my favourite because it demonstrates the co-ordination between various players of the logistics sector and comes at a time when we mount our strongest defence in order to protect people’s lives while enhancing the best practices of today’s supply chain”.

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