Cargo Industry has Helped the World Survive the Pandemic: Joe Beydoun

Cargo Industry has Helped the World Survive the Pandemic: Joe Beydoun

Speaking on behalf of Fast Logistics TLME Chairman outlined the benefits of technology and how it has helped in keeping supply chains moving

TLME Chairman Joe Beydoun, speaking at the Future of Logistics conference on behalf of Fast Logistics, said that continued cargo operations had kept essential supplies and vital goods moving through the pandemic and helped the world survive.

Technology has played a key role in this success and moving forward it will play an even greater role that will redefine transport and logistics of the future.

Host and moderator of the conference Lars Jensen asked the panellists about the changes 2022 would bring to the industry and how would we get back to normal?

“There will be a lot of changes made that we will have to become accustomed to,” said Mr Beydoun going on to talk about the potential of autonomous transport and its implications for the supply chain “in the very near future.”

Future of Logistics: How e-Commerce Will Change Future Supply Chains

As for the benefits of technology, Joe gave the example of Fast Logistics which with 12 locations across the world, had managed to integrate and optimise its operations as a single global unit by cleverly deploying cutting-edge digital processes and systems.

According to Joe, cargo was never the “sexy” side of the airline business. However, the cargo industry’s successful response to recent challenges with out-of-the-box thinking and innovative solutions has made it an attractive industry for some of the finest minds and talents in the world.

Joe concluded by saying that the pandemic has accelerated digitalisation of the supply chain with e-commerce and automation playing a greater role than ever before. “Thanks to the pandemic, today we are a lot more technologically advanced than we could have thought we would be.”

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