Exclusive Video: Dubai Remains the World’s Port of Choice

Exclusive Video: Dubai Remains the World’s Port of Choice

How DP World UAE keeps trade and cargo moving through Jebel Ali

The pandemic has compelled different stakeholders of the supply chain to adopt new methodologies for cargo handling, says Shahab Al Jassmi, Commercial Director of Ports & Terminals at DP World UAE.

Providing its people and partners a safe work environment was the number one priority. For this, DP World UAE introduced new policies and procedures while educating and training its employees to strictly adhere to the new safety procedures.

Continuity of business was another primary mandate for DP World UAE as Dubai is the main port of entry for cargo in the nation.

Port and terminal operations had to be kept running smoothly to ensure that supply chains were uninterrupted, especially for essential items like food, medical equipment and pharmaceuticals.

"We have worked very hard to ensure that there was no disruption in the supply chain," says Mr Al Jassmi.

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DP World UAE has ensured that Jebel Ali remains the port of choice for the business community by providing all necessary support to traders and importers to minimise delays and losses.

"We have proven ourselves as a reliable service provider even in tough times," adds Mr Al Jassmi.

Finally, Mr Al Jassmi makes a special mention and thanks all the "soldiers" who have been working behind the scenes starting from the Government authorities and down to all stakeholders who have worked hard and proven that Dubai will remain the central hub for cargo movement and trade for the world.

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