Exclusive Video: Abu Dhabi Emerges Top City in Management of Covid-19

Exclusive Video: Abu Dhabi Emerges Top City in Management of Covid-19

Thanks to Department of Health of Abu Dhabi the city emerges as global leader in Covid-19 management

H.E. Dr Jamal Mohammed Alkaabi, Undersecretary, Department of Health (DOH) Abu Dhabi, says the initial challenges, when the information about the coronavirus was limited, could not have been imagined.

The wait for information was not specific to Abu Dhabi but worldwide the medical community was waiting for accurate and reliable information.

"This was the main challenge from day one," says Dr Alkaabi.

To combat the pandemic Abu Dhabi developed an effective strategy involving local and global entities. This combined collaboration provided the authorities with all the information they needed and at the same time, allowed them to focus on dealing with high-risk groups within the country.

"Personally I feel that research and innovation played an important role in Abu Dhabi," said Dr Alkaabi. Abu Dhabi was part of one the biggest clinical trials for the Covid-19 vaccine. More than 30,000 people participated in these trials.

At the same time the DOH also began large-scale awareness campaigns. With a population comprising 200 nationalities, this was a daunting task. But Abu Dhabi managed to do it really well and save lives and lower mortality rates.

"I think Abu Dhabi has positioned itself as one of the top cities in the world in the management of Covid-19," concludes Dr Alkaabi.

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