Huawei: Airports Need Indoor Digitalization for 5G to Work

Huawei: Airports Need Indoor Digitalization for 5G to Work

New report outlines how air sector can transition to 5G

A new report from telecoms giant Huawei has stated that “indoor digitalization” is the only way to effectively transition to 5G.

The white paper argues that airports play a highly significant role in the move to 5G as they are the industry trend-setters for digital transformation.

Further, given the vast amount of digital links, both business and customer, required in the average terminal, airport networks now require enhanced connectivity capabilities that can only be met by new technologies.

At present, wireless network technologies airports use cellular networks, wi-fi, Bluetooth, and Project 25 (P25).

5G stands apart from these technologies by supporting the construction of digital airports and solving network connection challenges.

As the air sector plans for future-oriented wireless networks, the white paper argues that the digital indoor system provides the best way for operators to construct indoor 5G networks.

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