du Gives Customers a Taste of 5G during Ramadan
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du Gives Customers a Taste of 5G during Ramadan

At the company’s Al Majlis in Madinat Jumeirah throughout Ramadan

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du is showcasing the future of 5G to guests and customers who visit the company’s Al Majlis at the Madinat Jumeirah throughout Ramadan.

Demonstrating the differences between the 4G network and 5G connectivity through a live interaction, du is giving people the opportunity to interact with 5G technology and learn about the potential this will deliver for consumers, enterprises and government entities in the UAE.

Said Saleem AlBooshi, CTO at EITC: “5G networks will introduce a connected experience like nothing before, while also ushering innovative possibilities and better capabilities for all.

“By enabling customers to witness the immense benefits that 5G will bring first-hand through our live demonstration, we are proud to be opening up a window to the future of network connectivity within the UAE.”

5G Likely to Reach IoT Market in Late 2020

Presenting the future of 5G at du’s Al Majlis, du’s senior executive team provided a detailed demonstration to the company’s guests on the importance of 5G and the vast differences it has compared to 4G.

Earlier this month, du welcomed new and existing customers across the country to visit its flagship stores in Abu Dhabi and Dubai to learn about the benefits and potential that 5G mobile and industrial connectivity will bring.

The telco plans to be one of the first providers in the world to make next generation connectivity available when its rolls out its world-class 5G network later in 2019.

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