5G Centre Set for Kuwait
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5G Centre Set for Kuwait

Innovation centre to explore, develop, and launch 5G use cases in Kuwait

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Kuwaiti telecommunications operator Viva has announced the establishment of a 5G Innovation Center with Chinese telecoms giant Huawei.

The innovation centre has been planned to “explore, develop, and launch 5G use cases in Kuwait”.

The innovation centre is set to be fully operational by 2019’s end.

GCC to be World Leader in 5G Networks

Viva is already leading Kuwait’s transition to 5G, with the country having around 1,000 sites prepped for launch.

The 5G Innovation Center is planned as a testbed to ensure smooth transition and aid with Viva's 5G business strategy execution.

Viva are aiming to facilitate new business models with the centre, such as ultra-broadband, IoT, and smart city services.

du Accelerates Smart City Ambitions

Zarrar Khan, Viva’s CTO, said: “Two months back, Viva celebrated its 10th year anniversary. The growth we witnessed in the past represents an amazing success story.

"Moving forward, we intend to position Viva as first operator in the world to deliver true 5G NR experience, with the planned nationwide coverage, our clients will have access to 5G networks and experience new services.

“The establishment of the 5G Innovation Center will help us to drive digitalization across vertical sectors, industries from telemedicine to smart cities to public safety will thrive with the support of 5G infrastructure.

“The networks will enable new revenue streams, enhance operational efficiency, reduce costs, and ultimately uplift the standard of living across Kuwait."

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