Mercedes-Benz Trucks Wins Truck OEM of the Year Award

Mercedes-Benz Trucks Wins Truck OEM of the Year Award

Emerges winner for making great strides in digital trucking technologies

Mercedes-Benz Trucks has won the Truck OEM of the Year Award at the TLME Heroes of the Pandemic Awards 2021 hosted by TV news presenter Katie Jensen with celebrity and 2x World Champion Boxer, Amir Khan presenting the Special Recognition Awards.

This award has been created to recognise a vital arena in the logistics world – trucking.

The trucking arena has changed greatly in recent years as automation has grown, sustainability goals have changed, and global networks have advanced.

Mercedes-Benz Trucks have remained on the cutting-edge of truck technology with their Actros and Zetros lines of trucks which, when combined with the Fleetboard management system, have been consistently providing the best trucking solutions for customers in the UAE and the Middle East.

They have also played a pioneering role in bringing autonomous trucking technology to UAE roads for the first time in history by performing a successful test-drive of a semi-automated Mercedes-Benz Actros from Dubai to Abu Dhabi.

Mr Faatz said: "It's in our brand claim - 'Trucks you can Trust'. We have all been working very hard for this brand claim and have tried to be there for our customers to keep the trucks on the road, keep spare parts available and keep the trucks running."

On how the industry has changed due to the pandemic, Mr Faatz added: "I think we are in a process of digital transformation. We will have more virtual events, more virtual trainings and going less for live events. The speed to market will also change."

Mercedes-Benz Trucks have made great strides in improving technology, business practices and sustainability. It's these innovations that have helped them garner most votes for the Truck OEM of the Year Award.

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