Fleetboard Wins Most Innovative Telematics Solution of the Year Award

Fleetboard Wins Most Innovative Telematics Solution of the Year Award

Mercedes-Benz Trucks fleet management system defines the future of truly connected logistics

Fleetboard, by Mercedes-Benz Trucks, has won the Most Innovative Telematics Solution of the Year Award at the TLME Heroes of the Pandemic Awards 2021 hosted by TV news presenter Katie Jensen with celebrity and 2x world champion boxer, Amir Khan presenting the Special Recognition Awards.

As transport and logistics becomes more and more digitised, good telematics is becoming invaluable to the industry because of its ability to collect information on a vehicle and its driver 24×7.

All nominees had great applications but Fleetboard won the most votes indicating that it is the future of truly connected logistics.

As one of the very first telematics service providers, Fleetboard has continually been developing its technologies further and for the first time the transport sector can access an app portal developed specifically for its requirements.

With the surge in demand, optimal fleet management meant better delivery times and availability of trucks for the given job.

Mr Sook said: "At Mercedes-Benz when it comes to connectivity we are the leaders. Fleetboard started over 20 years ago and it's continously leading and driving logistics forward. So we will not stop innovating. This award proves that we we are the leader in telematics and connectivity solutions."

On his experiece of the pandemic period Mr Sook said: "There have been some challenges but its getting better specially on the truck sales side.

"When it comes to connectivity, I think after the pandemic a lot of tranporters' eyes opened up and they see that connectivity is the way forward."

According to Mr Sook, post pandemic, direct interface with drivers has been minimised so remote diagnostics, servicing and training have become the norm and technology is playing an increasingly important role in the trucking business.

The Mercedes Benz Fleetboard system has indeed delivered demonstrable outstanding performance to its customers on all parameters while winning the most number of votes for the Most Innovative Telematics Solution of the Year Award.

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