FLEETEK Fleet Management Solution Aims to Reduce Transport Costs

FLEETEK Fleet Management Solution Aims to Reduce Transport Costs

To provide transport fleet managers with a cost-effective way to address logistical issues

Leading UAE-based IT smart Facilities Management (FM) solutions company HITEK Services, which is part of the Farnek group of companies, has launched an innovative in-house digital solution, that can optimise the performance of company transport fleets.

The smart fleet solution, appropriately called FLEETEK, was developed by HITEK’s in-house technology team and has been launched in the wake of November’s 9% rise in the cost of petrol announced by the UAE’s fuel price committee, which links domestic petrol prices to movements in global oil prices.  

Javeria Aijaz, Managing Director of HITEK said: “The price of Brent Crude has risen by over 10% this year, from $77 a barrel in January to $85 yesterday (23 November), with an average year-to-date price of $103.

"However, according to Reuters, a survey of 42 economists and analysts on 31 October 2022, forecast benchmark Brent Crude would average $95 in 2023.   

“This will offer some respite for fleet managers, but with hundreds of vehicles, travelling thousands of kilometres a day, fuel remains a major expense and that is on top of rising interest rates and other inflationary pressures on leasing costs, maintenance and salaries.

“So, the current focus for many fleet managers will be on cost-saving and of course sustainability.”

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FLEETEK digitalises the entire fleet management process. It identifies both fleet and driver productivity in real time, using a system-based inventory and digital schedule, which is powered by IoT sensors fitted to the vehicles and connected with Google Maps to enable tracking and navigation for route optimisation.

“This digital process supports operational efficiency and transparency. CAPEX and OPEX data is automatically recorded and communicated through monthly financial reports,” added Aijaz.

Using FLEETEK’s live administrative portal, operational staff at its control and command centre can compare vehicle inventory with the current and scheduled demand and issue instructions to drivers (each vehicle is fitted with a dedicated smart phone loaded with an app).

The drivers log in, accept the notification based on a QR code sent to the smart phone in the vehicle and start their journey.

The solution calculates and compares the estimated and actual journey times and presents the driver with Google Maps-based navigation, to show the most time-efficient route to take.

Vehicles are integrated with an IoT sensor that essentially tracks the vehicle and monitors ignition status, sends idling notifications and speeding alerts, all in real time, to operatives in the control and command centre.

Aijaz adds: “Overall, this saves fuel, cuts carbon emissions as well as reducing wear and tear on the fleet, prolonging the time between servicing and ultimately its operational life.  

"The operational dashboard on FLEETEK can also generate incident reports, organise new transport schedules, search for the nearest and most relevant available vehicle, corelating with demand.

"Standalone and integrated reports can be generated such as vehicle assignment and utilisation to monthly comparative expense reports.

"There’s also a feature that can hold the driver’s essential driving documents and records of any previous incidents or violations. Maintenance records for individual vehicles can also be stored.

“These reports can be cross-referenced to compare fuel efficiency, driver behaviour,  average journey times, adherence to routes highlighted on Google Maps, idling times, even wear and tear on tyres.”

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