MICCO: Serving Oil & Gas Sector with Sustainable Transport & Logistics

MICCO: Serving Oil & Gas Sector with Sustainable Transport & Logistics

Q and A with MICCO Logistics COO Clifford Dsouza on the role of his company in the oil and gas value chain

Talking to TLME at the AD Ports Group stand at ADIPEC 2022, COO of MICCO Logistics Clifford D’souza touches upon various topics ranging for services to the oil and gas industry, exhibition logistics and the role of technology and sustainability in MICCO Logistics’ day-to-day operations.

How has MICCO’s value offer to the oil & gas sector grown over the years?

At MICCO Logistics – part of the Abu Dhabi Ports Group – we have been growing over the last 45 years and today we are the leading provider of end-to-end logistics solutions to the industry. This has been possible through investments in human resources, equipment and the latest technologies.

What does a global exhibition like ADIPEC mean for MICCO and the sector more broadly?

ADIPEC is a global stage for the oil and gas industry and part of the value chain we are working well towards being the most efficient end-to-end logistics company serving the industry. 

What can you tell us about MICCO’s into the event logistics space in light of your recent agreement with ADNEC?

Exhibition logistics is like icing on the cake as it requires strictly time-bound services. You only have a few days before and a few days after to work out all the nitty gritty and it is a 24x7 operation during this period. Handling logistics for ADNEC for the next five years is definitely going to boost our capabilities in this specialised field.

What is the role of technology and its benefits in your day-to-day operations?

Technology is in our DNA and we have invested large amounts of capital in it to digitalise our back-end and transportation operations.

How is MICCO maximising sustainability and minimising its carbo footprint?

Delivering on the promise of AD Ports Group in terms of environmental goals have always been our objective. Being a large transport organisation with over 400 trucks we have reduced our emissions by investing in biofuels, better engine capabilities and a younger fleet of trucks.

As I speak, we are working towards achieving an objective we have set for the next five years’ and we are confident of achieving the same.  

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