Microsoft Powers World's 1st 'Alexa for Logistics' Created by Fero.Ai

Microsoft Powers World's 1st 'Alexa for Logistics' Created by Fero.Ai

Fero.Ai selected by Microsoft accelerator program for high-tech startups

Fero.Ai, popularly known as ‘that company who’ve built the world’s 1st Siri/Alexa for freight & logistics’ and formally defined as an enterprise SaaS venture that has built advanced freight automation, optimization & orchestration products using narrow Ai systems, has just announced robust global expansion plans, starting with India this month.

This move has come with their selection in the 2020 Microsoft for startups accelerator program for high-tech startups.

Roberto Croci, Managing Director, Microsoft for Startups MEA said: “Microsoft for Startups is a free, global program dedicated to helping B2B startups successfully scale their companies.

"We were really impressed with the passion the Fero.Ai team has for bringing the power of Ai to the freight & logistics space, and we look forward to supporting the impact that the team has envisioned."

Fero.Ai’s products are built to cater to all scales of businesses across the different types of stakeholders in the ecosystem; right from providing plug & play uberization for large freight forwarders to their IVA (Intelligent Virtual Assistant) creating autonomous collaboration / coordination / communication channels for a direct shipper running last mile or distribution operations.

Abhinav Chaudhary, Co-founder & CEO, Fero.Ai said: "90% of the calls, messages and emails exchanged in freight are done for data gathering and dispersal, be it for rate discovery, quotations or status updates; making the ecosystem prone to data drop, delays and errors, it was an obvious choice to start our automation journey by tackling these redundant tasks.

Fero.AI Wins Artificial Intelligence Award 2019

"TiA, the world’s 1st intelligent virtual assistant for freight, empowers teams with conversational Ai to automate repetitive, coordination tasks."

At the core of Fero/Ai’s products lies the belief that supply chains still remain broken due to lack of hyper connectivity between all the moving parts, stakeholders; and that there are only 2 means to solve for this, 1st through technology and 2nd through human intervention.

The industry has been deploying the latter as a baseline for all developments since decades now, bringing along the necessary evils of inconsistency, errors, data leaks, restricted processing inventories and archaic user experience.

Arjun Bhasin, Co-founder & CTO, Fero.Ai said: "To optimize hyper connectivity through technology we have built products that eliminate tech siloes, decrease onboarding struggles and increase adoption through integration and intuitive usability.

"We have consciously adopted the path of device-agnostic solutions. TiA can be accessed on any smart device. We will be using our partnership with Microsoft to prepare our tech infra to support advanced computing capabilities and exponential scale up."

Fero.Ai’s customers are able to cut the effort spent by their pricing teams on rate discovery by 70%, operations teams save time spent on bidding and trip updates by 50% and 100% improvement in visibility and usability.

TiA seamlessly integrates with all major freight ERPs, forming a lateral automation layer that eliminates tech and process siloes while supercharging teams with the power of automated collaboration.

Naseer Ahmed, Co-founder & CSO, Fero.Ai commented: "All thanks to the MfS MEA team, we are excited about becoming part of a larger tech ecosystem. The advanced Ai space in the region is also rapidly evolving and requires a support structure to enable the trajectory.

"The MfS team exactly understands the needs of hyper-growth tech ventures."

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