39% Shoppers Won’t Give Retailers a 2nd Chance After Poor Delivery

39% Shoppers Won’t Give Retailers a 2nd Chance After Poor Delivery

FarEye consumer survey finds that delivery experience heavily influences consumer loyalty

FarEye, a global SaaS platform provider transforming last-mile logistics, has announced findings from its survey of 1,000+ U.S.-based consumers. The new research revealed how shopping habits and delivery expectations shifted due to the pandemic and e-commerce growth.

The research found that superior delivery experiences are essential to satisfy and retain online shoppers, and could make-or-break consumer loyalty.

Delivery delays and poor communication contribute most to bad delivery experiences and 36.8% of consumers changed their opinion of a brand due to a bad experience. 38.9% of shoppers are unlikely to give retailers a second chance after a poor delivery experience.

Throughout the pandemic, real-time communication expectations increased as 25% of customers expect access to real-time tracking information and up-to-date order location notifications throughout the order to delivery experience.

Judd Marcello, Chief Marketing Officer, FarEye said: “At-home deliveries are the new competitive battlefield for brands and retailers. As e-commerce continues to boom, customers are mandating the buying experience includes superior at-home deliveries.

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“Our survey emphasized the need for retailers to see deliveries as a key differentiator in their offering and critical to creating satisfied, loyal customers.”

The research also shined a spotlight on e-commerce growth and increased reliance on home delivery.

As pandemic restrictions have lifted in the majority of the country, 30% of consumers intend to do most of their shopping in person, however, another 32% of consumer survey respondents reported shopping online more since the pandemic and 65% of online shoppers reported preferring home delivery over store pick-up.

This indicates a sustained shift towards online shopping and at-home delivery versus in-store shopping and pick-up.

When they do choose to shop in-stores, FarEye’s research revealed that 40% of consumers choose in-person shopping for immediacy, 37% do so for product testing. This underscores a challenge for e-tailers- to recreate in-store experiences online and through deliveries.

Marcello noted: “In this environment, brands' definition of the customer experience must expand to include in-store, online and at home.

“As customers weigh whether or not to return to stores amid lifting pandemic restrictions, it is becoming even more important for e-tailers to recreate the in-person experience virtually and through stand-out deliveries.”

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