Lars Jensen Commends the 'Phenomenal Job' Done By Supply Chain Players

Lars Jensen Commends the 'Phenomenal Job' Done By Supply Chain Players

Also outlines how technology can improve safety and increase trust across the supply chain

Setting the stage for the first session of the Future of Logistics Conference Part II industry thought leader and Moderator of the conference Lars Jensen said the supply chain had managed to do a “phenomenal” job over the last two years in terms of managing disruptions and today we are not in a situation when “life will become normal any time soon.”

Concluding the Technology Session of the Conference Moderator Lars Jensen, who is also a container-shipping expert and the CEO of Vespucci Maritime, said that with an increasingly digitalised supply chain cyber-security was another new risk that needed to be managed but the benefits of technology far out-weighed such risks.

Giving an example of the increase safety that technology provides Mr Jensen said that according to reports there was a fire aboard a containership somewhere in the world every 2 weeks. In most cases they were due to misdeclaration of cargoes.

Technologies like IoT make precise container tracking and utilisation possible and every player in the supply chain knows exactly where any given container has been. This way, visibility is greatly improved and false declarations minimised.

Thus technology also provides many opportunities for greater safety and trust across the supply chain and the industry should embrace and use these technologies wherever possible.

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