US & China Healing Trade War Rift

US & China Healing Trade War Rift

Two superpowers redefine relationship after stormy year

China and the USA look to be healing their relationship after the 2018 trade war that saw both countries levying high taxes on the other’s imports.

US President Donald Trump sounded a positive note after a meeting between himself and President Xi of China in Buenos Aires, Argentina, during the G20 global meeting.

Global reports state that trade talks are set to open up the two superpower’s markets to another once more.

China is expected to unfreeze hostilities slashing tariffs on US cars from 40 to15%.

Maersk Warns of Trade War Storm

President Trump has stated that "important announcements" are on the way stemming from "productive conversations".

US markets have solidified after the news.

“The tariff cut is encouraging,” said Scott Paul, president of the Alliance for American Manufacturing. “[However] I’ll be more persuaded when we also see some non-tariff barriers knocked down."

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