Deloitte Enters Logistics Space with Nexxiot

Deloitte Enters Logistics Space with Nexxiot

Big-name auditor to aid in visibility, transparency and operational improvements

Big name auditor Deloitte has announced that it is aiding tech firm Nexxiot in launching KYX, a system created to aid digital transformations in the supply chain space.

UK-based Deloitte, known for its comprehensive range of services, including audit, consulting, financial advisory, risk management, tax, and legal services, is joining forces with Nexxiot, known for its expertise in digitalizing supply chain assets, such as shipping containers and railcars.

Nexxiot's network of sensors and artificial intelligence capabilities offer insights into supply chain inefficiencies, aiming at reducing uncertainty and operational costs.

A statement from the companies read: "Deloitte and Nexxiot are committed to enhancing global cargo trade compliance and operational efficiency.

"This strategic partnership will provide a robust, scalable infrastructure rooted in a strong commitment to regulatory excellence and trust.

Deloitte and Nexxiot are combining their repective skills
Deloitte and Nexxiot are combining their repective skills

Nexxiot CEO, Stefan Kalmund, said, "The strategic partnership with Deloitte and Nexxiot represents a significant step forward for supply chain participants.

"It will accelerate the adoption of fleet-wide technologies, fostering visibility, transparency, and operational excellence."

Deloitte's James Yearsley, Lead Partner for the Transportation, Hospitality and Services Sector for NSE (North & South Europe), added, "Through this partnership, we aim to set a new global standard for KYX services, benefitting all stakeholders in the logistics sector, including trade finance, banking, and insurance.

"Deloitte and Nexxiot offer new services based on real-time data, covering all aspects of KYX from door-to-door, internationally."

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