Abu Dhabi Ports to Support World Data Forum

Abu Dhabi Ports to Support World Data Forum

Major player in line for world forum taking place in UAE

Dubai’s Federal Competitiveness and Statistics Authority (FCSA) has signed a strategic partnership agreement with Abu Dhabi Ports to support the UN World Data Forum 2018.

The Data Forum will be held in the UAE in October 2018.

The agreement sees collaboration between government bodies and specialists from around the world.

Abdullah Nasser Lootah, FCSA Director-General and Chairman of the UN World Data Forum 2018 Organising Committee, said: "Effective, efficient and accurate data collection improves the performance and efficiency of the logistics sector.

“It is a vital contributor to sustainable economic development as it leads to the formulation of long-term plans and strategies that support transport and shipping.

“As well as strengthening the logistics sector's role as a vital resource for local economies, it is a key factor in maintaining the UAE's leading position on global competitiveness indicators.

Exclusive Interview: Ross Thompson, CCO, Abu Dhabi Ports

"The participation of Abu Dhabi Ports in the United Nations World Data Forum is of particular importance as it contributes to highlighting the UAE's achievements in the use of statistical data and information.

“The organisation's inclusion places a spotlight on the development of the UAE's world-class port sector and showcases its role in meeting the growing demands of maritime transport and logistics.”

Abdullah Humaid Al Hamli, Executive Vice President of Corporate Support at Abu Dhabi Ports, said: "Hosted by the UAE, the United Nations World Data Forum 2018 is a major event for organisations, bodies, companies, universities and experts from around the world to promote the dissemination of the objectives of the UN's 2030 SDGs.

“Abu Dhabi Ports is proud to support the forum, which confers numerous benefits to companies and institutions from the public and private sectors, as well as individuals involved in the field of data.”

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