XPO Logistics Unlocks Machine Learning For Customer Forecasting

XPO Logistics Unlocks Machine Learning For Customer Forecasting

<em>Predictive analytics delivers actionable supply chain data through XPO Smart</em>

XPO Logistics will give customers extensive new insights into the data XPO uses in managing inventories and logistics processes.

The company has developed a digital dashboard that can be tailored to the unique forecasting models engineered for customers by XPO.

Visibility will be delivered through XPO Smart, the company’s technology suite of optimization tools.

The new dashboard provides a more tactical understanding of how goods are distributed to the point of consumption.

The benefits go far beyond historical data; many of XPO’s predictive analytics use machine learning to realize future efficiencies within the warehouse.

Customers can use these insights to enhance procurement, customer relations and other areas of their business.

Mario Harik, Chief Information Officer of XPO Logistics, said: “We’ve created a way for customers to access their supply chain data in the form of private business intelligence, while the heavy lifting is done by our analytical models.

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“This is where the value lies for our customers – at the ideal point between a high-level overview and raw data.”

XPO’s planning tools will be the third major component of the XPO Smart technology suite when they deploy later in 2019.

The company launched its proprietary warehouse management system in 2018, followed by the introduction of new labor productivity tools in March of this year.

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