XPO Logistics Expands XPO Connect into Last Mile  
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XPO Logistics Expands XPO Connect into Last Mile  

Expected to invest $550m for technology in 2019 

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XPO Logistics has announced the launch of extensive last mile capabilities on its XPO Connect digital freight marketplace.

XPO Connect was launched in April 2018 as a cloud-based, digital freight marketplace developed with multimodal, self-learning architecture.

The company said that it has integrated its 85 last mile hubs in North America with the XPO Direct shared-space distribution network. In 2018, XPO arranged approximately 40,000 last mile deliveries per day on average.

XPO’s last mile business unit specialises in the delivery of heavy goods, many of which require assembly and installation inside the home.

According to XPO, its customers and independent contractors will have deeper visibility into the last mile process and more control over the consumer experience.

XPO Logistics’  Last Mile Tracking Now With Google Search

Furthermore, retailers and e-tailers will gain access to digital scheduling, geo-tracking, delivery exception monitoring and claims processing.

Finally, independent service providers will be able to view offers, geo-monitor tendered routes, track payments and see their performance metrics.

Mario Harik, Chief Information Officer for XPO Logistics, said, “We’re empowering our customers with an expansive suite of digital tools to manage growing demand for last mile services. XPO Connect has opened the door to widespread efficiencies across our transportation network.”

XPO expects to invest approximately $550m in technology across its global operations in 2019.

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