Watch: Bolloré Logistics Transports Life Saving Vaccines to Iraq  

Watch: Bolloré Logistics Transports Life Saving Vaccines to Iraq  

Door-to-door delivery completed from start to finish in under 40 hours

Bolloré Logistics Switzerland successfully carried out a highly delicate operation to transport 200,000 doses of life saving vaccines to Iraq.

A leading biotech company contracted Bolloré Logistics Switzerland to organize and execute the door-to-door shipment of 37 pallets of temperature sensitive pharmaceutical products from Europe to the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Iraq, based in Baghdad.

Following an in-depth trade lane analysis, including a comprehensive risk assessment, the first operations started on 28th September 2019 at 5 am at the customer’s warehouse in Germany. The goods were carefully packed in 37 passive cool large size boxes, equipped with cooling elements to maintain the product temperature of +2°C to +8°C for 96 hours.

Bolloré Logistics Switzerland executed the pre-transport of the 22 ton-shipment to Cologne airport by five temperature-controlled full truck loads.

The last truck arrived at 2 pm. at the Ground Handling Agent of Cologne airport (CGN). The build-up process of the 37 passive cool boxes onto 19 PMCs (airline pallets) including coverage of these with thermal blankets for additional protection was done in compliance with the defined processes and documentation.

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In order to minimize the exposure to ambient temperature, the PMCs were only transferred to the tarmac when the Turkish Cargo Aircraft (A330-200F) approached for landing.

The flight arrived as scheduled at 9 am on the 29th of September 2019 at Baghdad airport (BGW) where 7 pre-conditioned temperature controlled trucks were waiting on the tarmac for direct cross-docking of the 37 boxes.

The well prepared customs clearance was finalized in a record time and the 37 boxes delivered by 7 temperature-controlled trucks in three convoys escorted by security cars and police.

This contract was successfully completed.

The door-to-door delivery, including the customs clearance, took place from start to finish under 40 hours, with Bolloré Logistics Switzerland providing 24-hour supervision and monitoring of this operation that took place over the weekend.

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