TLME to Recognise the ‘Game-Changers’ in New Awards Ceremony

TLME to Recognise the ‘Game-Changers’ in New Awards Ceremony

New awards to mark the pioneers in technology and sustainability in the supply chain

Transport & Logistics Middle East (TLME) has announced a brand-new awards ceremony for the region, marking the ‘Game-Changers’ within the Middle East who are creating positive paradigm shifts in the supply chain space.

The awards mark pioneering figures within technology and sustainability in logistics, looking to celebrate optimal operations with an extra dimension of visionary initiatives that ‘change the game’.

Game-Changer (Noun): A person, movement, idea or solution that effects a profound shift in the current way of doing or thinking about something.

Hot on the heels of the upcoming Future-Proof Technologies Conference on December 13th, 2023, the awards will take place immediately after, seeing 25 winners across many fields of the supply chain, including a ‘Special Recognition’ category for VVIPs.

TLME said in a statement: “Our world is defined by the Game-Changers. Such people are those that change the course of history, who have the vision, bravery and drive to think of their business, discipline, sport or country in a totally novel and unique way.

“We all know and celebrate Game-Changers, from Edison and his invention of the lightbulb to Nikola Tesla and his invention of the induction motor, to Muhammed Ali and his achievements in, and perhaps most importantly outside, of the ring – we at TLME have long heralded the game-changing vision of His Highness Sheikh Zayed, who made the UAE’s existence as thriving as it is today. Each of these figures changed our world and left a legacy we still enjoy today.

“Yet history is still being created and Game-Changers are needed now as always. With this in mind, these awards look to the Game-Changers in our region, our industry and its sectors, and our businesses. In these awards, we celebrate the leading lights of today and tomorrow.”

If you’d like to attend or participate in the awards or nominate a company, please visit:

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