Supply Chain Stakeholders More Conscious of Their Carbon Footprint Today

Supply Chain Stakeholders More Conscious of Their Carbon Footprint Today

Olivier Laurent of DHL Global Forwarding sees steps being taken today to transition towards more sustainable supply chains

TLME Future-Proof Technologies Conference moderator and industry thought-leader Lars Jensen began Session 2 of the conference by asking panellists how we could use technology to future-proof the supply chain in terms of large-scale disruptions, sustainability and fragmentation?

Addressing the sustainability aspect of supply chains Olivier Laurent, Regional Head of Business Development, DHL Global Forwarding MEA, said that various stakeholders in the supply chain felt more responsible towards the environment and today, we have the tools to measure the carbon footprint of various operations.

Mr Laurent said that with advent of sustainable marine and aviation fuels, the industry has means to transition from "burn less" to "burn clean" transport and logistics operations.

Earlier, shipping considerations were entirely based on cost but today, customers were willing to pay higher to make their supply chains more sustainable.

Widely available carbon calculators were also helping shippers quantify the benefits of low and zero emission logistics make informed decisions, Mr Laurent concluded.

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