Right Partnerships Will Realise Full Potential of Hi-Tech: Joe Beydoun

Right Partnerships Will Realise Full Potential of Hi-Tech: Joe Beydoun

Speaking of behalf of Fast Logistics, TLME Chairman Joe Beydoun emphasised on the need for the right technical training for logistics personnel on the ground

Host and moderator of the Future of Logistics conference Lars Jensen, asked panellists of the first session if automation technologies of today were ready to be used in transport and logistics operations and how can we make sure we have the trained manpower in place to deploy state-of-the-art tech to the fullest.

TLME Chairman, Joe Beydoun, speaking on behalf of Fast Logistics, said that industry needs to partner with the right institutions so that their workforce has the “right training and knowledge” to make best use of the upgraded technologies in the workplace.

According to Mr Beydoun, the curriculum for these trainings needs to developed by the members of the logistics industry themselves as they know what the ask is in the real-world situations.

As for the readiness of the technology itself, Mr Beydoun felt the technology was there but it will take a gradual transition in applying it to meet the day-to-day operational needs of the transport and logistics industry.

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