Meet 'GEODIS Countbot': An Innovative Warehouse-Inventory Solution

Meet 'GEODIS Countbot': An Innovative Warehouse-Inventory Solution

Inventory taken in real time without human intervention

The 'GEODIS Countbot' is the result of over three years of R&D and testing to create a reliable automated inventory service that does not require any additional stationary equipment inside the warehouse and is totally safe, protecting both people and property.

Built by Delta Drone, specialized in civilian drones for professional use, and GEODIS, this new service revolutionizes warehouse inventory management.

Romain Cauvet, global Engineering director, Supply Chain optimization, GEODIS explains: “Inventory is a time-consuming activity and can be risky for humans, requiring operations to be shut down and the rental of personnel lifts.

"With GEODIS Countbot, inventory can now be carried out quickly, automatically and safely.”

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In terms of performance, the first assignments performed in real time, in a 10,000 sq mtr warehouse, estimated average inventory taking time at under three hours instead of the one to two days it used to take earlier.

The solution combines a robot, a telescopic mast that can reach up to 10 meters and a drone that ensures the stability and therefore the quality of the images collected.

16 high-resolution cameras are positioned along the mast as the unit moves automatically through the aisles, following trajectories entered beforehand in the robot’s memory thanks to an initial full mapping of the site.

As it moves, the cameras photograph the pallet barcodes end detect anomalies, if any. All the data are then reported to the WMS (Warehouse Management System).

From an operational and commercial standpoint, the partners plan to deploy the solution progressively to many warehouses throughout the world, whether or not they are GEODIS warehouses.

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