Maersk to Acquire e-Commerce Logistics Companies in Europe and USA

Maersk to Acquire e-Commerce Logistics Companies in Europe and USA

With Visible Supply Chain Management and B2C Europe Holding Maersk aims to gain B2C logistics expertise

A.P. Moller - Maersk (Maersk) has announced the acquisition of Visible Supply Chain Management (Visible SCM), a business-to-consumer (B2C) logistics company focused on B2C parcel delivery and B2C fulfillment services in the US and headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, US.

The approximate value of the transaction stands at $838 million.

Furthermore, it announced the intention to acquire B2C Europe Holding B.V. (B2C Europe) a business-to-consumer logistics company focused on B2C parcel delivery services in Europe and based in The Netherlands. The transaction is subject to closing conditions and valued approximately at $86 million.

Both companies are well-established and recognised players in the e-commerce logistics industry.

Fast-changing consumer buying patterns and digital platforms are accelerating online consumption, redefining business models across the globe.

Many Maersk customers are seeing strong E-commerce sales growth as they roll out digital first strategies and are looking for support of their business-to-consumer supply chain growth.

The two acquisitions will address this customer trend and strengthen Maersk’s E-commerce Logistics products suite in line with its strategic business transformation.

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Vincent Clerc, Maersk Ocean & Logistics CEO said: "Maersk has set out to build strong e-commerce logistics capabilities that will extend and reinforce our existing supply chain offering and create growth opportunities.

"Today, customers rely on the integrated logistics approach and services which Maersk offers.

"By combining that with the operating models and value proposition of Visible SCM and B2C Europe, we will enable our customers to continue to develop their E-commerce offering, thus extending the scope and potential of our strategic partnerships."

Within e-commerce logistics, Maersk is building an asset-light, global business focused on two core capabilities: B2C Fulfilment and B2C Delivery based on a strong and flexible E-commerce technology backbone.

The plan is to build these capabilities in the world’s three largest e-commerce regions: Europe, North America, and Asia. The acquisition of Visible SCM and proposed acquisition of B2C Europe are significant steps on this journey.

Visible SCM enables e-commerce businesses to ship cost effectively and deliver quickly so they can compete with the biggest brand names out there today.

Visible SCM uses a geographical network that places fulfillment centers closer to the consumer, with less distance and faster delivery.

One very tangible proof point of this acquisition is that Maersk's customers can tap into Visible SCM's E-commerce network to deliver goods to 75% of the US population within 24 hours and reaching 95% of the US geography within a two-day delivery window.

B2C Europe’s core offering is in parcel delivery services for both retailers and brands as well as for logistics operators, with a focus on cross-border deliveries. It operates a multi-carrier platform with a significant reach and volumes into all European countries through an extensive carrier network.

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