Maersk Outlines New Post-Pandemic Philosophy
Vincent Clerk, CEO of MaerskMaersk

Maersk Outlines New Post-Pandemic Philosophy

CEO Vincent Clerk outlines ambitions plans in exclusive roundtable

Maersk CEO Vincent Clerk has outlined ambitious new plans centred around 'democritisation, digitalisation and decarbonisation' during an exclusive roundtable discussion with regional media.

Clerk outlined how he is thinking in a 5-year post-pandemic period in which Maersk will unite the individual strands of its business around technology in order to create a smoother supply chain.

Clerk called for a 'holistic supply chain' in which 'agnostic transport modes' were united by optimised technologies to better serve customers.

The Maersk chief also outlined how the pandemic had acted as a catalyst for such developments, stating: "The pandemic has accelerated the need to digitise as needs have become more acute."

Maersk has outlined an aim to unite its disparate businesses under one technological system
Maersk has outlined an aim to unite its disparate businesses under one technological systemMaersk

In an increasingly technology driven sector Maersk is clearly thinking along new lines to stay ahead of the competition, with new directives such as aligning with start-ups to fuel dynamism and growth.

“Maersk works with a lot of companies in two different ways. In some cases, we have corporate venture funds supporting some of the startups in the field in terms of funding and expertise,” Clerk added.

Concluding that the strategic partnerships forged during the pandemic could allow further integration of new business models.

Clerk also spoke about how he'd seen a huge spike in customer interest in the issue of decarbonization, believing that climate change action is starting to become a core issue for many companies.

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