DHL Supply Chain Launches New Solution for e-Waste Recovery

DHL Supply Chain Launches New Solution for e-Waste Recovery

Over 50 million tonnes of e-waste are disposed of each year causing economic loss of about $62.5 billion annually

DHL Supply Chain, the world's leading contract logistics provider, expands its logistics service offerings with a new solutions suite for recovery management, especially relevant for tech companies.

The new circular supply chain solution supports companies in enabling appropriate reuse, reprocessing, or recycling of used electronic parts e.g. like processors, touchscreens, computer modules or tech assets.

By implementing new business models to reduce electronic waste, so-called e-waste, companies can lower their environmental impact and avoid the loss of scarce raw materials. As an industry leader, DHL can offer this recovery service alongside the entire supply chain globally.

Scott Allison, Chief Customer Officer Service Logistics, DHL Supply Chain said: “Electronic waste is considered one of the fastest-growing waste streams of our time.

"By simplifying the process of a circular supply chain for customers and consumers, we unlock untapped economic value for tech businesses but also enhance the commitment to environmental responsibility. With our powerful global network, we can offer this service anywhere in the world.

"The main advantage is that our clients only need to work with one logistic provider and get standardized and proven solutions under one solution suite. All of this contributes to our long-term goal to increase product recovery rate to 100 percent.”

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Over 50 million tonnes of electronic goods are disposed of yearly, including rare earth minerals, gold, and copper. As a result, not only are valuable resources wasted, but this also causes an economic loss of about $62.5 billion annually.

By introducing the “Smart Circle” as a new solution for recovery management, DHL provides its clients a full-on system of return, receive, recover, and reuse under one suite, by merging capabilities of DHL.

Josh Garrison, CISCO Systems said: “Reverse logistics and consequent recovery management of electronic waste is a critical element for CISCO Systems.

"Not only do these circular economy solutions help us reduce our carbon footprint, but they also create value for us and our customers by enabling reuse, repurpose and redeployment of equipment.

"This requires a truly global standardized circular design of supply chains. This is where DHL Supply Chain and its service logistics team has weighed in with their global expertise.”

One of the key elements in the new service DHL provides, is a customer portal that manages the return process of used electronic devices.

DHL’s Technical Service teams inspect and validate returned products in order to recover economic value from these assets, either by repair or re-sell on the marketplace or through recycling and extracting of the raw materials.

Thus, DHL simplifies the complexities of the circular supply chain by offering an all-in-one solution suite, which makes the reverse process less complex and more economically feasible with greater yields  and improved visibility.

Finally, these measures help to ensure that by 2030 a value of $170 billion in e-waste will have been recycled.  

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