Covid-19: How Logistics is Meeting the Needs of Companies
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Covid-19: How Logistics is Meeting the Needs of Companies

Specific measures adapted to meet challenges of unprecedented situation

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As a crucial link in the supply chain, logistics is also suffering the full force of the Coronavirus health crisis, forcing it to take specific measures adapted to an unprecedented situation, and help companies cope in an emergency.

Fabrice Dalla Muta, Supply Chain Director Europe, Bolloré Logistics answers four questions on how is company is adapting strategies to meet new challenges.

How are logistics operations going during this health crisis?

We are currently experiencing a very strong strain on storage capacities, with a filling rate of more than 90% of our logistics platforms. We continue to receive imports from Asia by sea that were ordered several weeks ago before the crisis started.

The significant slowdown or closure of industrial sites, distributors, combined with the decrease in sales volumes, does not allow goods to be sold. So we have to find storage solutions for our customers while we wait for their business to resume.

What solutions are you implementing?

We adapt the devices according to sectoral contexts. Indeed, if aeronautics is almost at a standstill, other sectors are still operating at full capacity, such as the food industry, pharma, or spare parts made in Europe which are shipped to Asia, whose trend today is for a gradual recovery.

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We maintain an operational crisis unit to manage storage needs. The surfaces have been optimized in order to have maximum space for the storage of goods. We also use the Bolloré Logistics network to "relocate" goods if necessary to other sites. So far, we have been able to find solutions for all of our customers.

We also receive punctual "spot" requests from other companies that sometimes require overflowing storage solutions to meet the need.

Are you being forced to close some of your sites during this time of crisis?

From the start, we have made it our mission to maintain activities for our customers, while ensuring the protection of our employees.

From the first government announcements, our objective has been to reassure our staff by strengthening the rules of social distancing and by providing them with the necessary protective equipment.

We have initiated our Business Continuity Plan, which guarantees the smooth running of operations while ensuring the application of strict sanitary measures in line with government directives and the provisions of the Bolloré Group with regards to all employees. Staff turnover is organized on our sites.

How are you preparing for a return to normal after the pandemic crisis?

We meet very regularly with our customers to measure the evolution of their situation. This close relationship allows us to adjust our resources as closely as possible to their needs and to anticipate a return to normal for some.

Some sectors have indeed started to recover. This recovery will nevertheless be very gradual, and we will adapt to the calendars of our customers and partners.

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