Transport & Logistics Middle East Magazine Special Issue
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Transport & Logistics Middle East Magazine Special Issue

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Welcome to this special edition of Transport & Logistics Middle East, a celebration issue marking our recent TLME Awards 2019 and looking to a new decade with hope, vision and positivity.

The global transport and logistics sector has seen a great wave of change over the last decade, with digitalization marking new ways of doing business and threatening to change the way we conceive of the sector, the jobs within it and the business strategies we implement.

Because of this, the sector has seen a raft of new entrants from the computing and technology fields, most significantly regarding AI and machine learning. Yet as the adage goes, ‘making changes in the supply chain is like making changes to an aeroplane while it’s already flying,’ the implication being it’s exceptionally hard to make major changes safely without affecting the trajectory of the operation.

Further still, many in the supply chain have approached this inevitable change with trepidation, furthering the ‘conservative’ reputation of logistics, yet thankfully, some have not. Some visionaries, forward-thinking organizations and individuals have been willing to try new things, to take chances and to develop new technologies withi new business models – it is so the case that much of this innovation has been within the Middle East.

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This leads us to the core purpose of this magazine and of the TLME Excellence Awards – to recognise, illuminate and celebrate the work that is being done to take our sector to the next level. To provide a platform for the innovators, the risk-takers and the hard workers who are creating new realities for business and commerce.

The developments in the supply chain equal developments in the global sphere, so our industry has a major role to play in the development of our world, which is another reason the Middle East has become a powerful global region. You would be hard pressed to find a more dynamic area with the willingness to invest, drive to be the best and openness to new ideas. This attitude is giving the Middle East, most notably the UAE and Saudi Arabia, a new reputation.

This reputation is powered by the cutting-edge technology and leadership evidenced by companies such as DP World and Dubai Airports, while Saudi Arabia looks set to be the first Hyperloop ready nation on earth. And that’s not even to mention the 5G-readiness both the UAE and Saudi are prepped for in 2020.

This edition takes you on a journey through logistics in the Middle East, we have features from leading names in the region and the sector, as well as industry insights that give you a clear, concise and actionable lowdown on the key trends for the new decade.

The edition also features a review of our TLME Excellence Awards 2019, highlighting the class and splendour of a very special evening with some amazing names and huge awards won.

I do hope you enjoy reading this edition. Remember to keep your eyes peeled for all the latest news on the TLME website, as well as for some rather large announcements to be made soon regarding our plans for 2020.

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