Bolloré Logistics Completes Complex Project Shipment to Algeria
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Bolloré Logistics Completes Complex Project Shipment to Algeria

Cargo includes 4 heavy lifts

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Bolloré Logistics recently handled a major time bound shipment for Emerson, a fortune 500 company manufacturing products and providing engineering services, from Hazira (India) to Oran port (Algeria).

The shipment was a total of 18 packages / 2,160 CBM / 206.58 MT, including four heavy lifts. Lot of planning and discussions happened among all stakeholders including supplier (L&T Hydrocarbons), (Emerson FZE), Bolloré Logistics Marseille and India.

The challenge started from finding the right ship for the said cargo as per the laydays and cancellation days agreed with the customer and specially to maintain the earliest arrival at destination.

Bolloré Logistics India proposed the right ship in consultation with the Marseille branch and positioned vessel MV New Bridge at Hazira port to load the cargo. After finalization of the ship, another challenge was to move all cargo to port in the given notice of two days to transport.

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Bolloré Logistics India successfully placed all vehicles at workshop in half-day notice and transported the complete cargo from L&T works at Hazira to Adani Hazira port in total 10 trailers (four sets of hydraulic axles for heavy lifts & six nos. of mechanical trailers for accessories).

The Indian operation team including loading at supplier’s place, transport escort, vessel loading supervision at Hazira port, closely coordinated all movements.

Commenting this satisfying outcome, Boumediene ABDOU, Maghreb Project Manager said: “It’s the vision and leadership initiatives that finally make the winning moves. With immaculate planning the teams did a fantastic job ensuring that the project would be well delivered.”

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