A Big Part of the Pandemic Was Survival: Etihad Cargo

A Big Part of the Pandemic Was Survival: Etihad Cargo

Leonard Rodrigues of Etihad Cargo speaks about his company’s recent challenges and achievements

Moderator Lars Jensen began the Air Cargo Session by asking the panellists from their company’s perspective what is the status of the supply chain today? What is working? What is not working? And what has changed for them in the last six months?

Leonard Rodrigues, Head of Network Management and Network Planning – Cargo at Etihad Cargo said that a big part of the pandemic “has just been about survival.” As part of an airline group that has a lot of passenger traffic Etihad Cargo played a significant role in keeping the finances of the group in good health.

Mr Rodrigues said that in recent months Etihad Cargo has found a way of forecasting demand and operating its flights so that they don’t burn any cash but in fact generate revenues for the airline.

“So this ability to look at the cash implications of decisions while being able to inject capacity based on demand wasn’t there prior to the pandemic,” said Mr Rodrigues.

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