Watch: The Future of Logistics Conference Part II - A View From Dubai

Watch: The Future of Logistics Conference Part II - A View From Dubai

Leading names from transport and logistics discuss the current state of play and the way forward for a successful supply chain

A number of key issues affecting the supply chain today were discussed in detail at TLME’s Future of Logistics Conference Part II held in Dubai recently.

The current state of play in the industry, the role of technology, sustainability and gender balance in the workforce were highlighted and future trends were talked about.

The first session saw see key industry experts from a diverse range of fields provide clear insights into the state of the supply chain.

The session examined the impact of the pandemic on the supply chain and lessons learned thereof. Next, the focus was on how logistics operations have changed today and how they will change again when the chaos is reduced and things come back to “normal.”

A Look to The Future – How Can Technology Help (Or Hinder) Operations

Session 2 was about technology and how it is helping (or hindering) make logistics operations faster, more energy efficient and cost-effective. The panellists talked about how technology has changed their operating models in the last two years and charted their future strategies for digital transformation.

Post lunch Session 3 discussed how to make the future of logistics more sustainable and what technologies and strategies can be used to “burn less and burn clean”.

The last session of the day was focussed on inclusion, equality, and the promotion of women in the supply chain. Panellists also talked about how the industry can attract more women and younger, more technologically savvy employees to build the supply chains of tomorrow.

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