EMLC to Open AI Leadership Lab in Dubai

EMLC to Open AI Leadership Lab in Dubai

Dubai quickly becoming global AI hub

Dubai-based leadership science firm EMLC has opened the world's first Leadership A.I. Lab.

By observing data, employee behaviours and patterns, the Lab delivers AI-enabled leadership that predicts the best actions and recommends which leadership nudges will result in minimized organizational input with maximized output: profit, performance and productivity.

A.I. enabled predictions provide higher accuracy and deeper granularity, which allows leaders to focus on making the right judgment calls for decision-making and execution.

Founder of EMLC and author of Amazon best-seller Leadership Dubai Style, Dr. Tommy Weir said:

"About a year and half ago, I visited Tokyo to learn about applied A.I. When I boarded the flight to Tokyo, I was skeptical about artificial intelligence, but what I learned from MIT Media Lab, Sony Labs, Google's driving cars and other progressive projects, made me wonder, 'What's the relationship between AI and leadership?'

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“That question has led to the opening of the EMLC Leadership AI Lab, where our team of data scientists and leadership experts use A.I. to make leaders better and help organizations maximize their profit."

EMLC has hired global AI talent to work alongside the existing team of leadership experts to build the intent triggers and leadership nudges that improve individual leadership capacity and impact, supporting day-to-day leadership execution for organizations looking to grow their output.

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EMLC's Lead Data Scientist, Vitalii Duk commented: "The opportunity to use machine learning to solve for leadership impact is a progressive move in the data science world.

“It is complex: combining internal company data, process mining, individual employee offsets, and leadership science to predict the best actions and ways for leaders to get results.

“Fortunately, Dubai has created an environment for the data science community to disrupt the ways AI is used and lead the way in global innovation."

Machine learning is a development that could have huge impacts on the supply chain.

While many have heralded a cautious tone regarding AI, others in the global logistics chain see it as the solution to increase efficiency, slash costs and help the environment.

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