Bolloré Logistics Buys 3 Million Litres of Sustainable Aviation Fuel

Bolloré Logistics Buys 3 Million Litres of Sustainable Aviation Fuel

To be offered for customers covering all the routes operated by Bolloré Logistics

Bolloré Logistics and United Airlines have entered into an innovative partnership relating to the purchase of three million litres of sustainable aviation fuel for 2022.

This collaboration demonstrates Bolloré Logistics’ ongoing determination to pursue its commitments by developing sustainable offers to help decarbonise air freight transport.

This new agreement is geared towards the customary client base and covers all the routes operated by Bolloré Logistics, in all geographical areas.

It will enable the company to reduce its scope 3 greenhouse gas emissions by a minimum of 6,500 tonnes of CO2, a result also made possible through the use of used oil to replace fossil fuels.

Philippe de Crécy, VP Airfreight Europe at Bolloré Logistics said: “Today’s challenges such as global warming and the decarbonisation of the air transport sector mean that our customers now have very specific expectations regarding the management of their supply chain.

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"They now want to adopt eco-responsible solutions in line with their commitments. We were among the first to make this shift. With our partner United Airlines, we will continue developing our offer to achieve our scope 3 CO2 reduction targets.”

The purchase of sustainable fuel provided by United Airlines is offered in conjunction with the AIRsaf offer launched by Bolloré Logistics in July 2021.

Based on the use of sustainable aviation fuel, this offer also includes an end-to-end solution, with environmentally responsible pre- and post-carriage procedures, as well as management of reusable transport packaging.

It is also in line with its “Powering Sustainable Logistics” CSR programme, in which Bolloré Logistics committed to cut its scope 3 CO2 emissions generated by the execution of transport by 30% by 2030 compared to 2019.

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