Air Arabia selects Thales for its fleet Electronic Flight Bag system
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Air Arabia selects Thales for its fleet Electronic Flight Bag system

Devices to be rolled out from April 2019

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Air Arabia has selected Thales for its new Aviobook Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) system that allows pilots to operate efficiently in the cockpit with digital manuals and charts.

The signing happened at the side-lines of Bahrain International Airshow.

Air Arabia had already implemented the Aviobook Electronic Flight Bag system years back that helped the airline reduces the amount of paper required to be carried on board while bringing robust efficiency into its operations.

Thales Pads will now replace existing electronic devises on board ensuring latest technology is adopted.

The new EFB, lighter in weight, includes enhanced features while and provides highest level of reliability and performance on board.

Said Adel Al Ali, Group Chief Executive Officer of Air Arabia: “Efficiency has been at the heart of Air Arabia operations since the carrier launch 15 years ago.

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“Adopting the Thales Pads into our cockpit reflects Air Arabia’s innovative approach towards investing in technology and business intelligence to continue driving operational reliability and efficiency higher.

“We look forward to working with Thales to successfully implement this new project”.

Roger Daix, VP Thales Middle East said: "Thales is very proud to have been selected by Air Arabia, a longstanding airline carrier in the Middle East and we are honored to equip the airline with the new Aviobook Electronic Flight Bag system.

“This selection represents a major win for Thales in the Middle East reinforcing our presence within the region. Thales is committed to support Air Arabia in driving innovation at the highest standards”

The devices are planned to be progressively rolled out across the entire Air Arabia fleet starting April 2019.

Air Arabia currently operates a fleet of 53 new Airbus A320 aircraft, serving over 150 routes from four hubs in the UAE, Morocco and Egypt.

The carrier is also expected to receive the delivery of 5 Airbus A321 neo LR in 2019.

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