Air Cargo Growth Takes May Hit
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Air Cargo Growth Takes May Hit

New data shows the air cargo boom is slowing

TLME News Service

Global airfreight volume growth has slowed to 2.6% in May of 2018, heralding a potential halt to the recent booming sector, according to CAPA.

According the latest figures from WorldACD, the 2.6% growth in May compares unfavourably with the growth of 4.3% witnessed so far in 2018.

In 2017, demand around 9.6% positive.

The WorldACD said in a statement: "The development in air cargo in the month of May 2018 confirms a downward growth trend noticed since the start of this year, but growth it is nonetheless.

“The fear of growing protectionism is real, and that fear may well play a role in a shift away from consumption.”

Trade War Fears Rock Shipping

The trade war fears are having widespread impact on several key transport and logistics sectors, however full-scale trade war is still some way off.

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