Largest US Dairy Participation at USDEC Gulfood Pavilion
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Largest US Dairy Participation at USDEC Gulfood Pavilion

MENA to account for 24% of world dairy imports

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The US Dairy Pavilion at Gulfood 2019 has 22 participating companies represented by a broad swath of US dairy resources including processors, export marketers, traders, and suppliers.

Companies looking to tap into the long list of high-quality ingredients and versatile cheeses that meet consumers’ needs for nutrition and taste should make it a priority to visit the US Dairy Pavilion (F2-34, Hall 2).

The Middle East, particularly the United Arab Emirates, is a key market for US Dairy, with a rapidly growing population that is interested in high-end products and a conducive business environment that is open to trade.

MENA will reportedly account for as much as 24% of world dairy imports in 2027.

US dairy products exported to the Middle East, Morocco and Egypt from January-November 2018 amounted to 62,882 MT worth around $224 million.

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Beyond the large presence at Gulfood, the U.S. Dairy Export Council® (USDEC) has ongoing programming to further support US cheese entry into key retailers across Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain and Kuwait.

The multifaceted retail program builds on product education and merchandising training for buyers and store staff as well as sampling support to encourage consumer trial.

With more than 600 varieties of US cheeses, the region can benefit from the infusion of many new cheeses and award-winning popular choices as well.

USDEC also launched a cheese certification program to educate chefs about the craftsmanship, variety, innovation and versatility of US cheese and grow demand within the foodservice sector.

Angélique Hollister, Vice President, Cheese Marketing said: “Milk from 1 in 7 trucks leaving American dairy farms ends up in products and ingredients sold overseas, making serving export markets an ever-important area of focus for our industry.

“We are meeting the evolving needs of the region’s dairy demand by establishing partnerships with retailers, high-end foodservice entities, culinary institutes and universities.

As per World Bank data, economic growth in the MENA region is forecast to reach an average of 2.6 per cent in 2019-2020 supporting imports of dairy products.

The US dairy community is increasing engagement and visibility in the MENA region of both cheese and ingredients to benefit the region’s vibrant business success.

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