Uber App now 5MB Lite 
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Uber App now 5MB Lite 

Available for download in the UAE and Saudi

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Uber is launching Uber Lite, a redesigned, simplified version of the Uber app in both the UAE and Saudi Arabia.

Uber Lite is being launched across the region to give consumers the opportunity to book a ride irrespective of the quality of their network connection.

At less than 5MB download size and available in both English and Arabic, Uber Lite enables those with basic smartphones operating in spotty network conditions to book a ride and start their journey - all in a matter of seconds.

Not only does the lighter version of the app reduce data consumption, it does so without sacrificing on any of its main functionalities. In fact, some of its features work even when the app is not connected to the internet.

Uber Lite makes picking your destination as easy as a tap of a button. Instead of typing where you are, you can choose a nearby point of interest.

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Additionally, the app stores the city’s top places so that even when you are offline, no network is needed for them to appear. And, with a 300-millisecond response time (literally the blink of the eye), the booking process is fast even in low connectivity.

This was made possible as Uber believes in connecting millions to reliable transport at a push of a button. Uber Lite was specifically developed to cut down on mobile data consumption, as well as work in areas with limited network connectivity.

Tino Abdellatif Waked, General Manager, Middle East and North Africa for Uber, “Uber is all about providing reliable transport solutions to our riders, and it stands to reason that the quality of the network connection should not pose a hurdle to achieving that goal.

“With Uber Lite it’s possible to book a ride even in low connectivity areas and the data usage while doing so is also limited. We have made the app easier and more convenient, but without compromising on any of the Uber’s hallmark features.”

Uber Lite keeps the core functionality of the rider app, and has many of its existing features like the ability to share your trip with friends and family and driver and vehicle details. The app will go live in the UAE and Saudi on March 18, and has already been launched in Pakistan, Qatar, Lebanon, Bahrain and Tanzania.

Uber Lite retains the core functionality of the rider app, has in-app support and includes critical safety features, such as Trusted Contacts; a feature that allows riders to share their trips with about five friends and family and driver profiles, allowing riders to identify their driver and their vehicles before they get in.

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