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Uber Unites With Cargo in Food Service
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Uber Unites With Cargo in Food Service

Partnerships offers passengers choice of foods to purchase 

TLME News Service

Uber is to partner with Cargo, a US-based food provider, to offer customers in-journey snacks in a new initiative.

A statement from Uber said: “You never quite know what you’ll need when you’re on the move.

“An energy boost on your way to the big meeting, a phone charger when you’re down to 7%, or a much-needed snack at the end of the night—your time in an Uber is sometimes the only chance you have to refuel and recharge.”

Cargo offers drivers free ‘centre-console’ boxes filled with goods that riders can order right from their phone.

Through partnerships with major brands like Kellogg’s, Starbucks and Mars Wrigley Confectionery, Cargo lets drivers offer riders both free samples and items for purchase.

At the time of writing, one million items have already been distributed via Cargo.

As the initiative is in its nascent stages, the outlay is limited to the US at present, although it is soon to be available worldwide.

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