Serco Wins Hero of the Pandemic -  Support Services Award

Serco Wins Hero of the Pandemic - Support Services Award

Serco recognised for outstanding performance in both rail and aviation sectors

Serco has won the Hero of the Pandemic - Support Services Award at Transport and Logistics Middle East’s ‘Heroes of the Pandemic’ Awards 2021 hosted by TV news presenter Katie Jensen with celebrity and 2x World Champion Boxer, Amir Khan presenting the Special Recognition Awards.

This year’s unique theme honours organisations that have stood up to the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic and supported the cities and regions in which they work.

In the Middle East, Serco worked quickly and effectively to ensure seamless service to passengers across all its transport contracts in both rail and aviation.

Serco Middle East CEO Phil Malem commented: “Since the onset of the pandemic, I have always said that we wanted to be known as the company that stood up and supported local governments and organisations throughout this unprecedented and uncertain time.

"Every single person on our rail and aviation contracts has done an incredible job of doing just that. The credit goes to them - and especially to our front-line staff who worked tirelessly to ensure the safety and wellbeing of passengers.“

Serco Middle East Operations Director – Transport, Samantha Rowles said: “Together with our clients within the transport sector we kept cities moving, safely.

"Transport has undoubtedly been the most impacted sector throughout the pandemic, and I’m pleased to see it making a steady recovery as travel opens up, and its incredible to know that Serco played a role in this.”

Mr Malone said: "Serco has 90% of its staff working throughout this pandemic. They don't have the luxury of work from home. So I feel very proud to accept the award on behalf all our frontline workers."

Describing how Serco supported the government during the pandemic Mr Malone said: "One our biggest achievements was mobilising the World Trade Centre field hospital. With a 24-hour notice we mobilised a lot of support services. That was key in kickstarting the health reaction to covid in Dubai."

On the impact of the pandemic, Mr Malone said that the transport sector had been affected the most, particularly the aviation sector: "Our clients in the aviation space now more than ever, need customised solutions.

"The big challenge now is operational costs and at the same time ensuring that excellent services are delivered."

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