Saudi to Have 59 Logistics Zones by 2030

Saudi to Have 59 Logistics Zones by 2030

Massive plans laid out in London

Saudi Arabia (KSA) has massive plans to establish up to 59 logistics zones by 2030 as part of its huge Vision 2030 plan, according to Saudi officials speaking at an event in London, UK.

The event in question was facilitated by the Saudi Transport General Authority.

In attendance were a host of UK and Saudi figures, including the Saudi Ambassador to the Prince of the UK, Khalid Bn Bandar Bin Sultan, and the Acting Chair of the Transport General Authority, and the Transport and Logistic Services’ Deputy Minister, Dr Rumaih Al Rumaih.

Also in attendance were members of the IMO.

Saudi Arabia is investing billions into its 2030 aims with the ultimate goal of becoming a cutting-edge leading global nation, and perhaps most importantly, one that is no longer dependent on oil for its wealth.

Logistics forms a big part of this with Saudi Arabia aiming to enter the top 10 nations in the Logistics Performance Index.

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