Saudi Arabia Outlines Major Plans to Enhance Rail System

Saudi Arabia Outlines Major Plans to Enhance Rail System

New plan will ease demand during Hajj pilgrimage and make cargo transport streamlined

Saudi Arabia’s (KSA) Ministry of Transport is producing a study that ascertains the viability of connecting the Haramain High-Speed Train with the Mashair Train, according to industry reports.

The move forms part of its plan to introduce high-speed rail across the Kingdom, as well as to form part of the GCC rail infrastructure.

The potential new rail network would provide vital means of transport for the millions of Muslims who travel to Saudi Arabia each year as part of the Hajj Pilgrimage to Mecca.

Because of this, the study is working alongside the Royal Commission for Makkah City and the Holy Sites to explore demand, best practice and future vision.

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Early data from Saudi Arabia's rail system indicates that almost 6 million passengers were transported in 2022, marking a 115% increase compared to 2021.

Further, during Hajj, 23 million tonnes of cargo was transported via train, marking a 9% upturn compared to 2021.

Collectively, this calls for upgrades in the system and highlights the increasing importance of rail in KSA.

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