SABIC Signs Deal to Set Up Local PPE Manufacturing Facility in Jubail

SABIC Signs Deal to Set Up Local PPE Manufacturing Facility in Jubail

To be one of the first local producers of industrial PPE in the Kingdom

Nusaned Investment™, an investment company owned by SABIC with a mandate to invest in industrial SMEs and increase local content in the Kingdom’s industrial sector, signed an investment agreement with Abdulaziz & Brothers Company (A&BC).

A&BC will own and operate a manufacturing facility of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

The deal between Nusaned Investment™, through Nusaned Fund managed by Albilad Capital, and A&BC will further strengthen the position of the company and accelerate its development as well as its regional and domestic outreach.

A&BC is a new manufacturing facility located in Jubail specialized in producing PPE, specifically helmets, protective glasses and cut resistant gloves for the industrial and construction sectors.

A&BC, which will be one of the first local producers of PPE in the Kingdom, has also entered into an agreement with a global leader in the PPE industry.

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As per the agreement, Nusaned Investment™, in addition to providing equity funding for the PPE project, will also offer tailored support under Nusaned’s umbrella including human resource support by assisting A&BC in attracting and hiring necessary talent and facilitate the training of new hires through the use of SABIC training programs.

Faisal Albahair, CEO, Nusaned Investment™ said: “The investment agreement is in line with Nusaned Investment™ guidelines and aligns with SABIC’s localization program as it presents a great import substitution opportunity in the personal protective equipment.”

Fahad Alnaeem, CIO, Nusaned Investment™ said: “The Saudi PPE market is valued at around SAR 1,46 billion with insufficient local production to meet the growing demand for helmets, gloves or glasses.

"This agreement will make a notable contribution to local content, serving the economic diversification objectives of the Kingdom.”

The A&BC agreement is aligned strategically with both KSA and SABIC objectives to support local content and the National Industrial Development and Logistics Program’s ambitions of transforming the Kingdom into an export hub and promoting local content in the industrial sector.

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