Cyberattacks Down 39% in UAE
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Cyberattacks Down 39% in UAE

New data shows defences are working for United Arab Emirates

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New data from the UAE Telecommunications Regulations Authority (TRA) shows a big drop in the number of cyberattacks, with a total of 274 cyber-attacks targeting government, semi-government and private sector entities in the UAE during the first seven months of 2018.

The TRA has stated that cyberattacks are 39% down year on year.

2018’s cyberattacks were classified into 150 cases of medium damage, 85 of low detriment, while 39 were critically harmful.

Attacks were centred around fraudulent practices.

Cybercrime has become a huge issue within the supply chain as data becomes the core model upon which businesses thrive.

New technology means a constant battle is being played out between hackers and security staff, with several major attacks, such as the famous ‘NotPetya’ attack suffered by Maersk Line, getting through and causing a complete shutdown of operations.

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