Amazon, Mastercard, Accenture to Create Blockchain Supply Chain

Amazon, Mastercard, Accenture to Create Blockchain Supply Chain

Trade giants look to change consumer buying process

Accenture has introduced a “circular supply chain” in collaboration with Mastercard, Amazon Web Services, Everledger and Mercy Corps to build supply chain capability.

The move has been made to change the way consumers buy products through digital identity management and blockchain technology.

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David Treat, Managing director and Global Blockchain Lead at Accenture said: “Over the past several years, we have built upon our longstanding identity work with a focus on the more than 1 billion people in this world who lack any form of recognized identity.

“We saw directly linking consumers and the value created at the end of a supply chain directly back to help small producers at the beginning as critical to actually driving real social and environmental change.”

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Treat stated that Accenture and its partners are working on in-store, web and app-based implementations where consumers could scan a unique digital identifier on an item registered to the people who produced it.

Treat added: “For almost half the world’s population that still struggle to meet basic needs, we believe that digital technologies are largely untapped.

“Through our work with smallholder farmers in Kenya, India, Mexico and elsewhere, we’ve deployed digital solutions helping to drive commercially sustainable social impact – and we understand that collaboration is essential for this journey.”

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