Watch: World's First Autonomous Road Freight Network Launched

Watch: World's First Autonomous Road Freight Network Launched

To allow self-driving trucks to come to market safely and efficiently

TuSimple, a global autonomous trucking technology company, has announced the launch of the world's first Autonomous Freight Network (AFN).

AFN is an ecosystem consisting of autonomous trucks, digital mapped routes, strategically placed terminals, and TuSimple Connect, a proprietary autonomous operations monitoring system.

Collectively these components work together to create the safest and most efficient way to bring self-driving trucks to market.

Partnering with TuSimple in the launch of the Autonomous Freight Network are UPS, Penske Truck Leasing, US Xpress, who operates one of the largest carrier fleets in the country, and McLane, a Berkshire Hathaway company and one of the largest supply chain services leaders in the United States.

Cheng Lu, President, TuSimple said: "Our ultimate goal is to have a nationwide transportation network consisting of mapped routes connecting hundreds of terminals to enable efficient, low-cost long-haul autonomous freight operations.

"By launching the AFN with our strategic partners, we will be able to quickly scale operations and expand autonomous shipping lanes to provide users access to autonomous capacity anywhere and 24/7 on-demand."

Autonomous Last-Mile Delivery: The Supply Chain's Need of the Hour

The AFN integrates with existing logistics networks and transportation management systems to enable efficient, low-cost long-haul autonomous freight operations.

Additionally, TuSimple technology allows autonomous trucks to be 10% more fuel-efficient than manually driven trucks, and in the future operate continuously without hours of service limitations.

The Autonomous Freight Network will roll-out in the US in three phrases, and lays the groundwork for self-driving autonomous trucks to become commercially available by 2024. The company will replicate the strategy in Europe and Asia.

US Xpress with a fleet size of 7,000 operating across the country, will provide additional lanes to aid TuSimple's L4 technology learning.

With access to more lanes, TuSimple can advance its understanding of and refine its responses on the road, making it safer for professional truck drivers and those they share the highways with.

TuSimple already operates autonomously on seven different routes between Phoenix, Tucson, El Paso, and Dallas.

This fall, TuSimple will open a new shipping terminal in Dallas. The terminals are designed to give mid-sized customers access to the advantages of autonomous trucking.

For high-volume customers, TuSimple will continue to map routes and deliver directly to their distribution centers.

With the Autonomous Freight Network, the company is also launching TuSimple Connect, an autonomous operations monitoring system to ensure safe autonomous operations and allow customers to track their freight in real-time.

Penske Truck Leasing, which operates more than 750 service facilities throughout North America, will help TuSimple to scale its fleet operations nationwide.

Penske will also provide preventive maintenance and over-the-road service to TuSimple's L4 autonomous trucks to help keep them running day and night.

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