RTA Delivers 74 Green Economy Initiatives  
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RTA Delivers 74 Green Economy Initiatives  

Nada Jasim: RTA leads the way in energy efficiency across MENA

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As part of its strategy for the optimal use of resources and energy, Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has carried out 74 initiatives encompassing prominent projects in the field of green economy, environmental sustainability, and power efficiency.

The ultimate objective of this drive is to use sustainable options and respond to the UAE Green Growth Strategy launched in 2012 under the theme: ‘Green Economy for Sustainable Development.’

The strategy is based on six drivers namely: Green Economy, Government Policies, Green Urban Planning, Tackling the Effects of Climatic Change, Rational Use of Natural Resources, and Green Technology.

Ms. Nada Jasim, RTA’s Director of Safety, Risk, Regulation and Planning announced: “RTA attaches top priority to a green economy and sustainable environment, which is encapsulated in its 5th Strategic Goal (Safety and Environmental Sustainability).

“In this regard, it has accomplished 74 initiatives aligned with the strategic drive of the UAE and Dubai Government.

Dubai Smart Traffic System 23% Complete: RTA

“RTA contributes to reducing the carbon footprint in Dubai by increasing the number of public transport users (Dubai Metro, Tram and public buses).

“Using public transportation, instead of private vehicles, had saved 642,000 tons of CO2 emissions in 2018.

“RTA also takes the initiative in developing plans and strategies that support the local and federal policies to push the profile of Dubai as a global leader and contribute to the achievement of UAE Centennial 2071.”

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