Full Truck Alliance Chief Scientist Takes the Stage at COP27

Full Truck Alliance Chief Scientist Takes the Stage at COP27

To discuss carbon reduction emissions in transportation

At COP27, Dr. Chen Zhaohui, the chief scientist of the Full Truck Alliance, spoke to an audience about the best solutions "how to stride towards carbon reduction emissions in transportation."

As China's leading "Internet + Logistics" enterprise, Full Truck Alliance has built a smart logistics ecological platform to provide efficient vehicle-to-cargo matching and online transaction services for tens of thousands of Chinese enterprises and truck drivers.

This is done through technologies such as big data, cloud computing and artificial intelligence.

The Full Truck Alliances app connects shippers with truckers to facilitate shipments across distance ranges and cargo weights, which can greatly improve the load factor, or the mileage and load efficiency of transportation, of freight trucks.

This in turn achieves energy saving and emission reduction. In recent years, the platform reduced carbon emissions by 10 million tons, which is equivalent to saving 4.65 billion liters of fuel for drivers.

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Zhaohui said: "Climate improvement starts with low carbon. Full Truck Alliance is committed to setting up an inclusive platform for carbon emission reduction in the field of road freight.

"By opening Carbon Asset Accounts for the drivers, Full Truck Alliance encourages them to reduce their carbon emission intensity, and helps drivers increase income through carbon trading on inclusive platforms.

"At the same time, it supports enterprises to establish green logistics fleets, by developing energy-saving logistics, a better low-carbon future can be achieved."

Zhaohui also stresses that addressing climate change is a concern shared by all of humanity. Faced with unprecedented challenges in global climate governance, the international community needs to respond with unprecedented ambition and action.

Together with global transportation partners, Full Truck Alliance looks forward to improving transport efficiency and carbon reduction through the application of information technology, and working together to th to building a better world.

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